Carpet Cleaning

Carpets complement the cozy atmosphere of your home , warm your feet and are what your kids sit on while playing. It’s important to keep carpets clean , fresh , spotless , not dusty , not only because of their looks but also to prevent allergies to appear. Vacuuming them is not enough , even if they look clean . That’s why you need us – our professional carpet cleaners , using top quality cleaning materials at any time ! We can suggest you our two ways of cleaning:

– Hot water extraction – professional vacuuming with s special vacuum cleaner , then removing the stains and all that would be done through the use of high temperature water. We provide our special shoes after the procedure as stepping on the carpet right after is not recommended.

Minimum charge 40

1 Bedroom 30

1 Throught lounge 40

1 Dining/Living room 30

1 Study/Small room 20

1 Bathroom 15

1 Landing 15

1 Flight of stairs (15 steps ) 30

By step 2,5

1 Hallway 20

1 Small rug 20

1 Large rug 35

Upholstery Cleaning

The service is performed at the customer’s place with professional mobile extractor machines for washing, extraction and drying. We are able to clean heavily soiled surfaces and dirt penetrated deep into the fabric.

This cleaning method of stains and other dirt from upholstered furniture or mattresses is much more intelligent and works really perfectly. So the stain is not just degraded and hidden below the surface, as it is when using only steam cleaner or surface cleaning. Our professional mobile extractor machines soak the stain with hot water and detergent-sanitizer, it is extracted (sucked) using the extractor dust and water vacuum and stowed in the container for dirty water.

Laundering sofas and curtains with extractor and a conventional detergent for machine cleaning of textile fabrics is guaranteed and well-known mechanism for laundering fabrics, finishes, mattresses and curtains. This allows you to use the sofas on same day, 4 to 8 hours after the cleaning and ensures perfect cleaning of dirt and odors. At the customer’s wish we can do perfuming the fabrics and surfaces.

1 Chair 10

1 Armchair 25

1 Sofa by seat 20

1 Two seat sofa 45

1 three seat sofa 55

1 Corner sofa ( max. 5 seat ) 90

1 Single mattress 20 one side

1 Double mattress 30

Parking, congestion and ULEZ charge will be apply after service

You need a clean a fresh carpet or upholstery – then don’t hesitate and call us today at tel: 07802538963 We will come whenever you need us!  24/7